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New DeSIRA-LIFT knowledge brief: What agroecology brings to food security and ecosystem services: a review of scientific evidence

Agroecology is a science, a set of practices and a social movement. Its relevance and efficiency is contested at times, but there is a growing body of scientific evidence regarding the outcomes and impacts of agroecology. This knowledge brief reviews the scientific literature on crop diversification, legume-based systems, agroforestry and mixed crop-livestock systems. The evidence shows that these strategies are effective in improving food security through the recycling of nutrients and leveraging biological mechanisms. These approaches lower the need for external inputs and related production costs, and decrease negative externalities compared to monocultures, in addition. Agroecology further boosts additional ecosystem services related to biodiversity, climate change resilience, water quality, nutrient cycling, pollination, pest control and soil health. However, there is still limited evidence on the socio-economic performance of agroecology. More investments are needed to advance the research on agroecology, as well as to develop and implement coherent policies and an enabling environment that is more conducive to agroecology. 


The knowledge brief can be downloaded here.


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