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Our service delivery approach

Our timeframe

The Service Area 1 of DeSIRA-LIFT proposes support services to Pillar 1 project teams following a step-by-step process.

  • Step 1 (March-May 2022): cross-project inception workshops with a view to introducing the DeSIRA-LIFT service offer and to collect support needs
  • Step 2 (June 2022 to March 2023): first in-project learning cycle, made of pre-defined and on-demand support services
  • Step 3 (March-May 2023): cross-project reflection and refinement workshops
  • Step 4 (June 2023 to March 2024): second in-project learning cycle, made of pre-defined and on-demand support services
  • Step 5 (March-May 2024): cross-project termination workshops and lessons learnt

Our principles

DeSIRA-LIFT will deliver support services to project teams following three principles:


  • Participate in a coaching programme

DeSIRA-LIFT objective is to help project teams to maximise their potential and achieve their objectives, by upgrading their five core capacities. DeSIRA-LIFT acknowledges the high diversity of project settings, partnerships, objectives, and implementation contexts. Some projects might have more support needs than others. While DeSIRA-LIFT is also limited in terms of budget and time, the team will use capacity assessment questionnaires through an e-survey for facilitating the understanding of project challenges and needs, and ensuring the benefits of DeSIRA-LIFT support. In that perspective, project leaders are encouraged to respond to DeSIRA-LIFT e-surveys.


  • Work with project clusters

With a view to reaching a high number of projects and enhancing the DeSIRA learning community, the DESIRA-LIFT team will divide DeSIRA project portfolio in clusters using five criteria: innovation domains, geographic areas, status of the MEL system, strategy of intervention, capacity needs.

Cross-project workshops will be organised as kick-off to support cycle 1 (inception workshops) and support cycle 2 (Reflection & Refinement workshops). Final workshops will be organised at the end of the DESIRA-LIFT support as an opportunity to share advanced achievements and impact pathways of Projects and to draw lessons from the DeSIRA-LIFT facility. While projects will receive support services on a voluntary basis, all the projects will be invited to participate in these three cross-project workshops (see graphic above, steps 1-3-5).


  • Adapt to project implementation timing

The DeSIRA projects started at different times. The latest ones might not be able to formulate clear support demands during the first cycle starting in May 2022. A second cycle will start in May 2023. Projects will be encouraged to formulate their demands only after the cross-project workshops (after steps 1 and 2) for ensuring smooth delivery of support services. However, online request forms will be always open for new support requests in line with DeSIRA-LIFT offerings and considered by DeSIRA-LIFT team. Answers to all the requests cannot be guaranteed due to budget constraints, available expertise or timing issues.

Requesting support

Projects can access both on-demand services and pre-programmed services as detailed below.


Accessing DeSIRA-LIFT support services


Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation 

P.O. Box 88, 6700 AB Wageningen
the Netherlands


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