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Webinar “Setting up and managing multistakeholder innovation facilities in project mode: bias, pitfalls and opportunities”

The aim of the webinar is to critically review the different types of multistakeholder innovation facilities (MIF) that are put in place, or promoted, by DeSIRA projects: innovation platforms, innovation poles, living labs, innovation hubs, business clusters, forum, etc.

Webinar on Innovating in unpredictable situations: constraints and opportunities for DESIRA projects

This webinar seeks to identify and detail the unpredictable and insecure contexts or circumstances in which some DeSIRA projects operate. We will allow these projects to share their experience on how they have adjusted, to ensure continued support for innovation and how this provides interesting lessons about managing for impact.

Training course on Designing Communication for M&E and Innovation Uptake in your DeSIRA project

Do you feel sometimes frustrated because the results of your research or innovation are not being considered by policy makers, peers or other stakeholders you feel would benefit from them? Do you struggle with presenting your M&E results in an attractive way?

Training course on Making Participation work for co-creating innovations

Does your DeSIRA project aim at developing innovative solutions for local communities and societal impacts? Do you want to use multi-actor approaches and develop a mindset of ‘co-creation’ in your project team? Do you want to better plan the resources you need for co-creating innovations with your partners?

Training course on Designing and managing your innovation strategy: how to make it open and responsible?

On 17 November 2022, DeSIRA-LIFT Service Area 1 organises an online live training session for DeSIRA project holders entitled “Designing and managing your innovation strategy: How to make it open and responsible?”

Understanding and designing theories of change in DeSIRA projects 

As of 13 October 2022, as part of DeSIRA-LIFT SA1 service offer, a facilitated e-learning course on ‘Understanding and Designing Theories of Change in DeSIRA projects” composed of 17 e-modules, will be made available to DeSIRA projects.

Service Area 1 Support services offer


This document presents the outlines of the support service offer that will be refined and validated after the inception workshops conducted with all the DeSIRA-Pillar 1 Projects in March-April 2022. The final menu of DeSIRA-LIFT service offer will be published in April and launched in May 2022.

Inception Workshop Agenda

The main objective of the inception workshops is to identify DeSIRA Projects’ support needs to manage for positive impacts and to introduce the DeSIRA-LIFT support service offer.