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2023 DeSIRA Global Annual Report: out now!

The DeSIRA Initiative assesses its performance annually using 28 Global DeSIRA indicators, which encompass outputs, outcomes, and impacts. The Annual Global Report 2023 (AGR 2023) details the progress of 46 DeSIRA projects that have been underway for at least two years.

New publications

New DeSIRA-LIFT publications: Exploring the off-farm production, marketing and use of organic and biofertilisers in Africa Soil health is essential for farming and food systems, also in Africa. We are proud to share the findings of a recent scoping study on the production and marketing of organic and biological fertilisers in Africa. These fertilisers are… Continue reading New publications

Knowledge brief 4

New DeSIRA-LIFT knowledge brief: What agroecology brings to food security and ecosystem services: a review of scientific evidence Agroecology is a science, a set of practices and a social movement. Its relevance and efficiency is contested at times, but there is a growing body of scientific evidence regarding the outcomes and impacts of agroecology. This… Continue reading Knowledge brief 4

Mapping of Green Transition Actors Championing Agroecological Practices for sub-Saharan Africa

This report delivers the results of a mapping exercise of actors that support agroecological transitions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mapping of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) actors championing agroecological practices for sub-Saharan Africa

This report delivers the results of a mapping exercise of African research and education organisations and networks involved in research and innovation initiatives in the field of agroecology and other innovative approaches.

Scoping Study on Organic and Biofertilizers: Overcoming Chemical Fertilizer Dependence in Africa

DeSIRA-LIFT has initiated a scoping study to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with off-farm production, marketing, and utilization of organic and biofertilizers.

DeSIRA and DeSIRA-LIFT featured in the EU GCCA+ Review of Climate

In February 2023, the DeSIRA Initiative was featured in the 11th issue of the magazine of the Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (EU GCCA+ Review of Climate).

New DeSIRA-LIFT publication: Current developments in seed laws harmonisation in Africa

Are breeders’ rights and farmers’ rights to seed in conflict or complementary in African countries? In its new publication Current developments in seed laws harmonisation in Africa, DeSIRA-LIFT provides key elements to answer this question.

Making knowledge work for policy: DeSIRA-LIFT conducts a review of seed laws in Africa

Photo: Bioversity

Shifting towards more sustainable food systems requires an enabling international policy environment based on effective policy dialogue. With this premise in mind, DeSIRA-LIFT, a service facility of the DeSIRA Initiative, aims to underpin policy dialogue between the African Union (AU) and the European Commission with evidence and actionable knowledge on trends related to food systems transformation.