Call for experts


DeSIRA-LIFT (an Agrinatura project) provides support services to the DeSIRA Initiative funded by DG INTPA (EC). We are currently looking for experts for three short-term opportunities in support of DG INTPA’s programming.

Service Area 1 Support services offer


This document presents the outlines of the support service offer that will be refined and validated after the inception workshops conducted with all the DeSIRA-Pillar 1 Projects in March-April 2022. The final menu of DeSIRA-LIFT service offer will be published in April and launched in May 2022.

Inception Workshop Agenda

The main objective of the inception workshops is to identify DeSIRA Projects’ support needs to manage for positive impacts and to introduce the DeSIRA-LIFT support service offer.

Call for experts

Indigenous Cambodian woman selling fish in a market.

DeSIRA-LIFT is looking for two long-term experts to join a core team that will provide support services to research & innovation projects, funded under the DeSIRA Initiative, to enhance their impacts. This core team is responsible for designing and delivering on-demand and pre-defined support services in four areas.

Invite Side Event “Common research and innovation agenda for agroecological transitions of agri-food systems” on 17 February 2022 during Africa-Europe Week

Are you interested in hearing experts’ reflections on the implications of the EU Green Deal for food systems in Africa? Join us during this side event organized by DeSIRA-LIFT on behalf of FARA, DG INTPA and Agrinatura.